In Canada, a Casino is an entity that is authorized to do business if it is:

  • A fixed place of business that employs a lottery scheme that incudes card games or roulette.
  • A fixed place of business where there are more than 50 slot machines or similar electronic gaming devices within the establishment. This could include businesses such as restaurants if they have the appropriate number of these gaming devices.
  • A lottery scheme that can be accessible to the public via a digital network. This does not include an establishment if it is only offering online bingo or the sale of lottery tickets online.

Obligations under the PCMLTFA

  • Have a comprehensive and effective compliance program in effect.
  • Be thorough and know your client before engaging in any sort of business with them.
  • Report any suspicious transactions, terrorist properties and large cash transactions.
  • Record keeping.

Services offered are:

  • AML/CTF Compliance Audit review.
  • Forensic and Fraud Investigations of financial transactions.
  • Business operations and documentation.

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