File Remediation

If you have an upcoming independent review, or acquired a portfolio from a partner and do not have the resources to make sure your client files are compliant, CAPI has the specialized team to conduct thorough KYC/AML quality assurance reviews.

CAPI Solutions specialize in the following file review but not limited to:

    • Commercial loans
      • Complex corporate structures (identifying true beneficial owner).
    • Residential loans
      • Ensuring proper and legitimate documentation was received
        (employment letters, corporate registrations, invoices, bank statements).
    • Business to business (B2B) customer to customer (C2C) – MSB
      • Application and registration review to make sure all required information is
        obtained (enhanced due diligence is conducted on B2B files).

Once the project is completed, CAPI will provide you with tools designed specifically to your needs, for future internal quality control.

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